JENBEN FUDER, Dismissed for financial reasons...Director Hwang Sun-hong.

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Chinese media reported that Yan Ben Fudder, a Chinese professional soccer team whose coach Hwang Sun-hong is in charge of, decided to disband the team due to financial difficulties.

Chinese media outlets such as "Sina Sports" said on Tuesday that "Jenven Fudder, who was struggling due to the parent company's tax delinquency, finally announced its dismantlement. "Shanxi Chang'an of the Eul-League (third-division league) will be promoted to the second-class league (second-tier league) on behalf of Yan Ben," he said in unison.

Founded in 1955, Yan Ben is a team with many Korean players including Kim Seung-dae, Ha Tae-kyun, Hwang Il-soo and Yoon Bit-gara. After finishing last season under the Park Tae-ha leadership, Hwang Sun-hong was appointed a new coach.
However, as the tax delinquency of the parent company, Futher Life's tax payment, he faced financial difficulties and decided to end the project, leaving the baton behind even the season.

The same is true of Sangju CEO Yoon Bit-garam. Yoon Bit-garam, who moved to Yan Ben Fudder in 2016, has left his lease to Jeju United and is currently serving in the military at Sangju Sangmu However, as Yan Ben suddenly decided to disband the team, the team that would return to the team disappeared after completing its military service.

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